Benadir Consulting certified technicians live up to their reputation by anticipating future problems and needs. Our goal is not only to fix problems at hand, but to answer the questions, “How can a business best utilize its resources into the future?”

Custom Computers

From the latest PC components to full-blown multi-megahertz machines built to your specifications, Benadir Consulting can do it all. We have fully trained, qualified, and certified team who are ready to custom design your computer systems to fit your specific needs.

The Benadir consulting staff understands how to customize a computer to the needs of its user.  Each unit is assembled from start to finish using name brands, factory-new components. Once assembled, each unit is individually tested for hardware and software functionality and compatibility.  

All systems manufactured by Benadir Consulting are warranted for one full year.

IT Consulting

Benadir Consulting provides consulting services from turn-key network installations to maintenance and support of existing systems or devices.

We have expert and engineers who have been in the field for 20 years and, our clients have continuously praised us for our expertise in the information technology (IT) field and our commitment to excellent service.

What makes Benadir Consulting stand out among our competitors is our relationship with our customers and attention to detail.

Professional Translation Service

Benadir Consulting offers fast, accurate, confidential transcription Professional Translation Services 100% done by humans for audio, video, plain text and subtitles across multiple languages.

We do not use any type of machine translations for any of our clients. We only offer human translations done by professional translators who are native speakers.

As soon as we receive an order from our customers, our translators start working on it. We aim to get your translation done before the agreed deadline, but we never do it later than agreed. We ensure you get your translation as quickly as possible.